Song of Farca
Song of Farca Song of Farca Song of Farca Song of Farca Song of Farca Song of Farca Song of Farca
Song of Farca play video
Song of Farca
Song of Farca
Song of Farca
Song of Farca
Song of Farca
Song of Farca
Song of Farca
Suitable for players over 16 years of age
RELEASE DATE: 22 Jul, 2021
PUBLISHERS: Alawar Premium
DEVELOPERS: Wooden Monkeys
DELIVERY: Activation key only
REGION: Europe
Hack into crime scenes, look for evidence, analyze data, interrogate criminals, track suspects and deal with the consequences of your decisions. This is a dark and brutal detective story with a Black Mirror-esque atmosphere of digital dominance and the narrative structure of a US crime procedural.
16,78 €

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About the Game

Intrigue, corporations, lies, criminal structures, a frightening future, irreversible consequences. Welcome to the Song of Farca, a dark and cruel Black Mirror-esque novel.

You are Isabella Song, a private detective, and hacker who has to investigate a series of crimes. Can you uncover them using only gadgets, an army of drones, and your mind?

As your investigation proceeds, the stakes will rise, different episodes become woven into the one story, and decisions will become increasingly difficult.

Get information by any means:

Use darknet search and artificial intelligence, hack drones and study surveillance footage, blackmail, or interrogate.

Create a cloud of leads and analyze evidence:

Will you blame the most suspicious character or dig deeper?

Draw the right conclusions to get the truth:

The victim may turn out to be a criminal, and the suspect is just one link in a criminal chain.

Feel the consequences of wrong decisions:

Are you ready to commit a crime yourself to save your loved ones? 

Platform: PC/Linux/MAC
OS: Win 7 64 bits/8 64 bits/8.1 64 bits/10 64 bits/Linux/Mac OS X
Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent
Memory: 4096MB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 610 or equvalent
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 2048MB available space

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